What's The Difference Between Standard and Soft Style Shirts? 

The difference is that the standard shirts are made with 5.3oz fabric, while the soft style is made with 4.5oz cotton as well as being a true soft style material. Both are 100% cotton and do not affect the look of the tie dye.


How Do I Wash My Jake's Tie Dye?

Machine wash your tie dye with similar colors on cold. Machine dry as usual. If you're not sure which load of laundry to add your tie dye to, going with your darks load (for non-pastel tie dye) is the best bet! I've been recommending this method and been using this method for years and have never had a problem.

Do not leave your tie dye sitting in the washing machine after the cycle his finished. The damp tie dye will transfer onto itself or other pieces of clothing. It's not a 'set it and forget it'. 


Are Your Shirts 100% Cotton?

Yes they are! All of my items are 100% Cotton except for my sweatshirts, sweatpants, leggings, and socks. Sweatshirts and sweatpants are 80% Cotton & 20% Polyester. Leggings are 92% Cotton & 8% Spandex. Socks are 90% Cotton & 10% Lycra. Feel free to send me an email at jakestiedye@gmail.com with any further questions!


When Will My Order Ship?

My current processing time is 1-2 weeks. You will get a confirmation email when you place your order and then a shipment notification email once I send your tie dye off to you. You will be able to track your order while in transit using the USPS tracking number within that 2nd email.


Do You Take Custom Orders? 

Yes, I do! I love taking custom orders, whether it's swapping out a color on an existing design of mine, or creating something entirely new for you, I always love to hear your idea and hope to be able to make it come true.

You can reach out to me here for more information about your custom order: jakestiedye@gmail.com


Do You Accept Returns and Exchanges?

I do not. And the reason I don't is because each and every piece of tie dye is hand dyed to order. So that Red Raspberry Long Sleeve didn't exist before you ordered it! I don't have a stock of ready to ship tie dye in set sizes and designs. So accepting returns and exchanges as a rule, would create lots of un-homed tie dye. 

If the tie dye you receive is damaged, not the tie dye you ordered, or if there's any other issue with your order, please reach out to me immediately and I will do my best to make it right.

You can do so through my email, jakestiedye@gmail.com. Please include your name and order number in the email.


What Are The "Get What You're Looking For" Items? 

Oh, I'm so glad you asked! 

Those are listings that you can use to order any design in my shop on any item in my shop. Not every single design I have in my shop is posted on every item, but every design is able to be made onto every item. So those listings are the chance to go ahead and order 'The Candy Canyon on a pair of sweatpants', or 'The Scuba Skills on a baseball tee'. 


Why Do All Your Designs Have Names?

Oh, I'm so glad you asked, again! 

It started as a fun thing for me to do in the process of making new designs. And that snowballed into 300+ designs with fun and silly names. It also has an unforeseen and very practical use; It makes it even easier for you to ask about getting what you want. You can ask about getting The Frankie colors in The Wisteria style and we'll both know exactly what you mean! (That does already exist by the way, it's The Firefly :))

You can reach out to me about more custom orders here:   jakestiedye@gmail.com


Why Isn't Every Design Shown On Every Item?

That's an excellent question. The short answer is: I'm working on it! The long answer is: Since all of my items are made to order, I never know what's going to sell at any moment. And I add new designs and new items to my shop consistently. As well as the fact that not all my designs sell well (shocking I know!!). I put out new designs, see which ones get the best response, and then try and make them on every other item in my shop to reach a wider audience.


I love answering questions and chatting with you. So if you have more questions that you don't see here, shoot me an email and I'd be happy to answer them all for you!